International Student Essay and Video Contest


Grades 10, 11 and 12 High School students are invited to join the International Forum for Peace Security & Prosperity


Two streams: Essay & Video


The aim of the contest


In person in Palermo, Sicily and Online


March 17 - 20, 2024

Who are we?



IFPSP’s mission is to honor the dead, to learn from our past, to educate and inform future generations, and to explore, analyze the path forward to achieve lasting peace, security and prosperity.

IFPSP is designed as an annual international event that brings together high school and cadet military school students, accompanied by academics, military professionals and peacemakers, as well as members of institutions, policymakers, and business and community leaders, to explore positive peace, the only condition for peaceful societies to thrive.


Who is it for?
The essay and video competition is open to students who are currently enrolled in grades 10 to 12 or equivalent (III, IV and V above), from all NATO and EU member countries, as well as from Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Israel, the Philippines, South Africa and any other country that enjoys a Western-style liberal constitutional democracy as a form of government.

Essay Topics / Video

The theme of this year’s Forum is “The Impact of Contemporary Tensions, Conflict and War on Major International Institutions”. Therefore, participating students will be able to compete with videos and essays on one of the following three topics:

Topic 1 : The changing world: what is happening internationally?

This title offers candidates to focus on current geopolitical forces that impact international institutions. Are these institutions structured to solve problems? What needs to change?

Topic 2 : Is the United Nations still relevant?

This title requires candidates to assess the situation and relevance of the United Nations in light of contemporary geopolitical realities. Does the United Nations still have the authority, capacity and/or will to intervene in transnational or multinational conflicts?

Topic 3 : Effect of conflicts, tensions and wars on the EU/NATO/African Union/other Grand Alliance (specify which one in the title)

This title will focus on the impact of a historical or contemporary situation, which implied a response from one of the Grand Alliances. Studies may focus on the circumstances that led to the intervention, the problems with the intervention itself, or the post-intervention impact.

Contest Dates

The student competition was launched on September 21, 2023, coinciding with the United Nations’ “International Day of Peace.” The deadline to submit essays and videos is Friday, February 15, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. EST. No submissions will be considered if received after this date and time.

Finalists will be selected by Friday, March 1. Finalists in the essay category will be required to prepare a multimedia/PowerPoint presentation by March 10, 2024. All finalists will be encouraged to attend the Forum face-to-face or, at least, virtually.

Contest Requirements

Essays or videos can be produced in English, French or Italian. Specifically for the essay, it can also be written in the participant’s native language, provided that an approved translated copy in English, French or Italian accompanies the presentation. If an essay submitted in a language other than the official languages of the competition is selected as a finalist, the PSIFF submission must be made in English. Videos must not be submitted in a language other than the three official languages of the Forum.

  • The word count of the essay should be between 750 and 1,500. Texts must be saved as MSWord files and as PDF documents.
  • Videos must be no less than two (2) minutes and no longer than three (3) minutes. Videos must be sent in MP4 format.
  • Essays or videos must not have been published or considered for publication or have already been transmitted.
  • Students must write the essay or produce the video themselves, without outside help.
  • Each student can only submit one essay or video. Students cannot compete simultaneously in both categories.
  • Students can participate individually or in groups. If you are a finalist, no more than 3 representatives must be selected for the presentation or to win the prize.
  • Essays must be accompanied by a cover and a signed statement from the Superintendent based on the examples found in the detailed rules published on the PSP website.
  • Videos must also have a similar signed statement.
  • The PSP Forum will evaluate applications from each of the participating high schools and select the finalists, who will have a place in the fourth (4th) scheduled panel of the Forum, where they will virtually present their essay (supported by a multimedia presentation .ppt) or video to an international audience worldwide. The selected winners of the competition will receive certificates as part of the Forum.

In addition, these best essays, and videos, as well as those subject to merit review, will be published by the PSP Forum in a brochure and/or on online platforms with the names of their respective authors. The PSP Forum reserves the right to determine which essays and videos will be published.

Other provisions

  • The submission of an essay or video and/or participation in the organization of the competition/jury implies acceptance of the conditions of the competition.
  • The results of the competition cannot be appealed. The jury’s decisions will be final.
  • The PSP Forum will preserve all essays and videos submitted by interested schools.
  • The PSP Forum will retain copyright in the winning essays and videos and may publish them.
  • The PSP Forum may change the timing of essay and video submissions and the selection process.
  • The PSP Forum assumes no responsibility for any changes or cancellations to the contest.


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