International Forum for Peace, Security & Prosperity

The International Forum for Peace, Security & Prosperity (IFPSP), a federally registered “Not for Profit” corporation in Canada, was founded in 2019 with the mission to learn from our past, to educate and inform future generations of the history of peace in the world, and to bring a heightened level of reasoning to the discussion of what achieves, in this digital age, lasting peace, security and prosperity. 

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Our Vision

Social, economic, cultural and technological prosperity can only be built on the basis of peace and security for all.

Peace and security relies on the capacity to apply force to ensure justice, while safeguarding democracy and freedom.

Our Mission

To bring together leaders, policy-makers, researchers, students, and the public, through conferences, online events, and interactive publications. 

By involving representatives from the justice system, public order and the profession of arms, we collaboratively explore the role of the military, institutions of public order, and justice, in establishing the basis for a flourishing global community based on peace and prosperity.

Our Approach

The founding concept is, without justice, there can be no peace; without security, there can be no justice. Only when justice and security enable freedom, can sustainable peace support the development of a society and its ultimate prosperity.

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