Steve Gregory with the help of 50 Canadian volunteers, the Canadian Embassy, and a dedicated team of Sicilians, organize a commemorative march and remembrance ceremonies to mark the 70th anniversary of Operation Husky, the Allied Campaign in Sicily during summer of 1943.

2015 and 2018

Steve Gregory and his team, organize smaller-scale activities to mark the 75th anniversary of Op Husky, with the support of 1st Canadian Division of the Canadian Army.

Many Canadians and enthusiasm from Italians, including Sicilian dignitaries and the high command of the Italian Armed Forces, encouraged Steve in his desire to create an annual commemorative event in Sicily to honour the memory of those who died on all sides during the summer of 1943.


Steve Gregory and his team, organize a first forum for “Peace, Security and Prosperity” to highlight and explore various facets of the occupation of Sicily following the allied campaign. In particular, the forum highlighted the lessons learned in a society’s transition from war to peace.