Online Forum 18-19 February 2021

“Post-Conflict Governance: From World War II to the 21st Century – Lessons Learned (and Relearned)”

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The International Forum on Peace Security & Prosperity, in association with the CDA Institute and the Italian Ministry of Defence, present

The first International Forum on Peace, Security & Prosperity on the theme of: “Post-Conflict Governance: From World War II to the 21st Century – Lessons Learned (and Relearned)”

Online Forum

Presented with simultaneous translation in French, English and Italian.

Aim: This Forum, will bring together policy makers, researchers, students, and other interested parties on the theme of “Post-Conflict Governance: From World War II to the 21st Century – Lessons Learned (and Relearned)”.

Join us for this unique event over two half-days, as our panels of distinguished experts from Canada, Italy and France discuss and debate topics of great importance.

One of our goals is to engage and interest senior high school students. Therefore, Panel 3 on Day Two will feature high school students having distinguished themselves in an essay writing contest, currently being organized through the Sicilian school system in concert by the Italian Army in Sicily.

Our moderator throughout the conference will be Professor Emanuele Sica, PhD, Department of History, Royal Military College of Canada.

Prof. Emanuele Sica

Emanuele Sica is an Assistant professor at the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario, where he teaches military history, European history and strategic studies. A specialist in Italian military history in the 20th century, he published Mussolini’s Army in the French Riviera (University of Illinois Press, 2016; for the Italian version Soldati francesi sulla Riviera francese: l’occupazione italiana della Francia, 1940-1943, Rodorigo Editore 2018). He also co-directed Italy and the Second World War, Alternative Perspectives (Brill Publishing, 2018) with Richard Carrier. His work focuses on the occupations of the Axis during the Second World War, the air power in Italy and the Italian war effort during the First World War.



Note: Timings are shown as Eastern Standard Time in Canada (GMT-5), with Italian timings in parentheses (GMT+1).

Confirmed participating countries

Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Latvia, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Ukraine, United States

Contact: Richard Martin,, (514) 453-3993