Quebec Virtual Conference 2024

Sustainable Peace and Security


On April 12th, 2024, the International Forum for Peace, Security & Prosperity (IFPSP), l’École supérieure d’études internationales de l’Université Laval, the Royal Military College Alumni Association (RMCA), and La Fondation des Voltigeurs de Québec will present Canadian youth with a conference about sustainable peace and security.

“One of the great lessons of history is that liberty, which is the very air of a free society, does not happen by itself.”
Andrew Scotland, English Speaking History, Book I, Cassell and Co Ltd Educational Department, Toronto, 1957.

Our youth must learn this great truth. This is the objective of the Québec 2024 Conference.

Learning Objectives

  1. To introduce the concept of Positive Peace and the eight pillars that underpin successful democracies, while connecting the importance of these pillars in attainment of the UN’s goal # 16, “Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions” for a country’s sustainable development.
  2. Through an analysis of the 1775 Battle of Québec to reflect on the precariousness of our freedom and  the difficult choices for the population, despite the risks against the American invasion.
  3. To make the link between lasting peace at home and our democratic institutions, and to recall the civic obligation to remember the sacrifice of our peacemakers, past and present.

Length of Activity:  1/2 day; delivery in a virtual mode to the participating schools

Target Audience: Students from Secondary levels 3 to 5 & Collegial

Scientific committee (renowned scholars and experts)

  • Keynote Speaker : Mr. René Chartrand, historian and former curator of Parks Canada national historic sites
  • Brigadier-General Richard Giguère (ret), École supérieure d’études internationales de l’Université Laval
  • Commander Jean-Charles Nadeau (ret), Historian
  • Professor Ian Parenteau, Political Sciences, Collège militaire royal de Saint-Jean
  • Professor Caroline D’Amours, History Department, Royal Military College, Kingston
  • Mr. Michel Arsenault, History teacher,  Externat Saint-Jean-Eudes, Québec
  • Mr. Richard Bérubé, History teacher, Collège François-de-Laval, Québec
  • Invited teachers and students

Programming and educational approach (detailed program and references at Annex A)

  • The event will focus on interactive learning in classroom ( tabletop simulations), with animation by Officer Cadets from Royal Military College Saint-Jean, under supervision of the teachers
  • Prework – A video (15 min) to be handed to the schools, featuring the concept of Positive Peace, and depicting the dynamics on both sides during the 1775 American Invasion and answering  : “How has the risky choice of our ancestors brought lasting peace and prosperity to Canada?”
    • Geopolitical situation between London and the 13 American colonies leading up to the 1775 Invasion, and the difficult choice of the Canadian and American populations.
    • An overview of the battle on 31 December 1775 in Québec Lower Town.
    • The major impact on defence preparations at Quebec during the two-month resistance of British troops and militia from the Montréal area at Fort-Saint-Jean on the Richelieu River.
    • The Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) explaining Positive Peace, the 8 pillars sustaining it.
    • Canada’s contemporary alliances and its obligation of reciprocity in the geopolitical environment familiar to our youth (UN, NATO, NORAD).

Logistics and Finance: Free for schools; a suitable gathering place is required for the students in the school.

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