Summary of Student Contest Rules – 29 October 2021

  1. The contest is open to high school students who are currently in grades 10 to 12 or equivalent.
  2. Students are invited to submit one of either an essay of between 750 and 1,500 words, or a video of between 2 and 3 minutes, maximum, in length in MP4 format. Essays and videos must be based on one of the three themes of this year’s Forum:
    1. Describe the historical significance of the Allied and Italian civilian efforts to re-establish peace, provide security and lay the foundation for prosperity in Sicilian society immediately following the battle for Sicily in 1943;
    2. Describe the significance to Peace, Security and Prosperity of a recent UN sanctioned / NATO/ Coalition operation, specifically highlighting civilian/military cooperation and leadership; or
    3. Explore the impact of collaborations between governments and civilian organizations and the profession of arms, in the establishment of positive peace.
  3. Students may only submit an entry in one category.
  4. The last date for contest registration and submission is 15 January 2022No entries will be accepted or considered after this date.
  5. Participating high schools are not restricted in the number of student submissions. However, only one submission per student or group of students is permitted and students must select which category to submit, as entries for both categories are not allowed.
  6. All submissions must be approved by the principal or designate before being submitted.  Entries received without said approval will not be accepted or considered.
  7. Selection of finalists for both essay and video submissions will be made by a jury the decision of which will be both final and not subject to appeal.
  8. It is understood by all participants that any entries submitted are deemed to be the property of the IFPSP for purposes of publication.
  9. Finalists in the essay option are eligible to be invited to become a featured panellist on one of the three panels.  Finalists in the video category will be offered the opportunity to present their video during Panel 4.
  10. Group submissions are permitted only if the group is no larger than 3 students. However, only 1 group member will be selected to present the group entry at the Forum.
  11. The announcement of winners of First, Second, and Third Place for both the essay and video categories will be made at the end of Panel 4.
  12. IFPSP will post all worthy essays and videos on the Forum website, highlighting the authors’ names.